Service to the North’s ADF community since 1988

NSCnews Online might be new, but, it comes with a proud history. The same people who owned and published the Northern Services Courier – Ted and Georgina Bragg – own and publish NSCnews Online and TAKE LEAVE, A Holiday Guide for Defence.

Published on the first Thursday of every month (except January), and two days earlier for members, NSCnews Online aims to be a not-too-serious magazine focussing on the Defence community in Townsville and North Queensland.

TAKE LEAVE is published twice yearly – the Summer edition in September and the Winter edition in March.

Based at Lavarack Barracks (next door to the Australian Military Bank and the Lavarack Barracks pool), NSCnews Online is part of everyday life in Defence in North Queensland.

Distributed to more 120,000 Defence and ex-Service men and women across the country, it is THE best way to tap into the lucrative and reliable Defence market.