Unbeatable penetration in the NQ Defence community

NSCnews Online is a monthly publication (excluding January) with saturation coverage of the Defence community in North Queensland and Townsville, particularly, as well asĀ  members of the wider service community across Australia.
Distributed to more than 120,000 members of the national Defence community – including deep penetration to private email addresses of ADF members and their families in Townsville and NQ – it reaches a most lucrative and stable market in the North. Defence members in the Townsville region draw an aggregate paypacket of more than $40m each month.

With a predominately young demographic, a large proportion of that is discretionary income spent in the local marketplace.

NSCnews Online offers an interactive experience accessible on all platforms (PC, Mac, Unix, tablets and smartphones), and providing advertisers with unique tools to communicate with customers and prospects in a way most convenient to them.

They include links to external URLs (it could be a website, or a product list), pop-ups, videos, sound bites, slideshows, and call back buttons. Links, videos, audio and pictures should be supplied with copy.

The magazine is backed up by a comprehensive website where all the stories (and advertisements) are available so every demographic can read it in the way they want.

All advertisements with websites or emails included in them will have “hotspots” linked to their website, or email contact at no extra cost.Interactive extras can be included at no cost in half page or full page advertisements, however, each extra feature, if required, will attract an additional $150 fee in quarter page and eighth page advertisements.


p: 0418 156 224

e: alexia.zenz@nscnews.com