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FOR this column I would like to first share the 3rd Brigade Order of the Day issued on Friday, July 28, 2017.
Exercise Talisman Sabre is described as the most complex and demanding combined-joint exercise conducted anywhere in the world in 2017.
Led in June and July by Joint Task Force 667 (JTF667), based on the Australian Army’s Headquarters 1st Division and Deployable Joint Force Headquarters, the exercise involved approximately 33,000 people.
Throughout the exercise, JTF667 co-ordinated sea, land and air combat by enabling combined-joint intelligence, command support, communications, shaping, fires, entry operations and logistics.
As the Land Component of JTF667, 3Bde (Reinforced)(ANZUS) included 54 units comprising more than 6,300 men and women from Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.
Approximately 12 per cent of our force included Army Reserve personnel from throughout Australia.
We supported the certification of Australia’s Amphibious Ready Unit in partnership with JTF667, the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.
We deployed the Ready Battalion Group, based on 1RAR, through a tactical air land operation enabled by the Royal Australian Air Force.
The 3rd Brigade’s (Reinforced)(ANZUS) deployed capabilities included more than 1000 vehicles, 29 joint and ANZUS helicopters, 51 pallets of ammunition, 30,000 combat rations, 100,000 litres of water and 900,000 litres of fuel.
During the exercise, we flew more than 1,100 hours of helicopter support, conducted seven air mobile operations deploying 1420 people, and co-ordinated 44 close air support missions and 679 individual air movements of a combined-joint force aircraft.
The 3rd Brigade (Reinforced)(ANZUS) comprised 11 unit headquarters and 27 sub-units.
We included representatives from the Australian Army’s 6th Combat Support Brigade, 7th Brigade, 11th Brigade, 13th Brigade, 16th Aviation Brigade and 17th Combat Service Support Brigade.
We were joined by coalition colleagues from the 1st Brigade (New Zealand), 3 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force, 1st/25th Stryker Brigade Combat Team and 25th Combat Aviation Brigade (US Army), the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and the Marine Rotational Force-Darwin (US Marine Corps).
Gathering from Australia, New Zealand, Okinawa, Alaska and Hawaii, 3rd Brigade (Reinforced)(ANZUS) united Battle Group Eagle, Battle Group Coral, Battle Group Samichon, Battle Group Cannan, Task Group Black, Battle Group Gimlet and Battle Group Pegasus was supported by 4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment, 3rd Combat Signal Regiment and the 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion-led Brigade Support Group.
In demanding and uncertain environments, we planned, prepared,

COMD Forces Command, MAJGEN Gus McLachlan addresses Battlegroup Cannan soldiers

rehearsed and executed synchronised and sequenced battle procedure, surprise, co-operation, acquisition of information and operational art.
Together, in austere and safe conditions, we moved with speed toward the friction and seized opportunities, while balancing our communications, logistics, medical and fires capabilities.

The performance of the 3rd Brigade (Reinforced)(ANZUS) during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2017 was exemplary.
Described as ‘the best prepared and best led Brigade, at all levels, to ever conduct Exercise Talisman Sabre’ we learned and we demonstrated preparedness, readiness and determination to solve future security challenges in support of our nations’ interests.
It is a privilege to have served alongside the magnificent leaders, at all ranks, of 3rd Brigade (Reinforced)(ANZUS).
♦ ♦ ♦
THE most important aspect of our success beyond superb preparation, planning, co-ordination and execution was the mindset of our servicemen and women – a positive attitude of ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ over ‘Fear of Failure.’
This is why I believe 3Bde remains a confident, professional and mission-focussed formation and our people rightly feel they have a stake in their ‘Army’.
♦ ♦ ♦
INCLUSIVENESS is the key and we have been working hard to ensure equity in all areas.
Events that support this include the NQ Women’s Leadership Forum with the Townsville Women’s Business Circle to be held on August 8.
Appropriately the Army’s newly-developed partnership with the Townsville Fire will be signed at the NQ Women’s Leadership Forum further strengthening our ties to the local community.
♦ ♦ ♦
This support to community and Defence families is integral to strengthening our entire force.
To that end, I encourage all to attend the DCO community event at Jezzine Barracks on Friday, August 11 and the RSL Queensland sponsored Lavarack Barracks Open Day and Legacy Trail Run on September 2.
The Chief of Army calls us a ‘team of teams’ and in Townsville that extends to our community – everybody is valued.

- COMD 3Bde BRIG Chris Field AM, CSC