Craft at Geckos

A GECKOS Mums and Bubs group has, through craft, grown to be a powerful, uplifting peer-support group.
The craft@Geckos group (find them on Facebook) meets every Wednesday morning at the Lavarack Barracks family centre to sew, swap yarns and enjoy the company of fellow quilters, sewers and crafters.
“We generally start at about 9.30, but there’s no sewing or anything gets done until about 10.15, because there’s too much conversation going on until then,” Renee Perkins, one of the unofficial leaders of the group said, grinning.
Her fellow conspirator is Narelle Caligari, a quilter and sewing enthusiast with more than 20 years experience.
It all began when Narelle, a Legatee tasked with interviewing potential Legacy volunteers, got “off-track” while she was

Amanda Goebel (left) and Cassandra Ladesma

interviewing new recruit, Renee.
Renee, a home economics teacher has made a career of teaching sewing to teenagers.
Narelle, a nurse and midwife, was already a volunteer at Geckos at the Wednesday morning Mums and Bubs group offering support and a bit of advice for new mothers and mothers-to-be.
“A lot of the mums had been asking about learning to sew,” Narelle said.
“When I realised our common love for sewing and Renee’s background, we got very excited.”
Sewing machines made an appearance on Wednesday morning and they’ve been there ever since.
Everybody helps each other, but Renee and Narelle are definitely the “go-to” sewers whenever anybody strikes trouble.
They’re tackling a group project – a quilt to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Geckos, a facility that was established in 2007 when Narelle’s husband John (now retired from the military), was Commander of the 3rd Brigade.
Renee said anybody who wanted to get involved should look for the Facebook group (craft@Geckos) or simply turn up on any Wednesday morning.

Grace Tabaim

Ellen Collins (left) and Kylie Hogarth

Rhiannon Frewen-Lord