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Australia Defence Community group

Vision is: ‘Prevention through connection

THERE are times when former 1RAR CSM Wal Davis must feel as though he has put a freight train in motion and he is clinging to the passenger rail of the guard’s van.
Without any plan, or any clue as to what it might lead to, Wal has basically followed his broad Kiwi nose as he set about establishing a sophisticated online peer support group. And his nose has plotted a winning course.
The group is aimed at heading off potential suicide victims before it’s too late.



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3CER history

PEOPLE might joke that WO1 Terry McKeown was the perfect choice to develop a 3CER museum because he could be one of the exhibits. They...


Inter-Brigade Sport

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Remembrance Day Rugby

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Federation Stars

Five members were awarded the Federation Star for 40 years of service at a ceremony at HQ 3Bde last month. COMD 3Bde BRIG Chris Field...


Sniper Concentration

SNIPERS from across Australia gathered at the Townsville Field Training Area at High Range last month to swap skills and to...


Explore Townsville

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Beersheba Day

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Lady Birds – December

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31-42Bn Dining-In

THE Kennedy Regiment - 21/42Bn RQR enjoyed a Dining-In night last month. CO LTCOL Keith Potter presented awards...


Ex Croix du Sud

THE tactical phase of Exercise Croix du Sud (CDS) 2016 in Caledonia was conducted with the majestic backdrop of a tropical paradise -...


3Bde Dining-In

MEMBERS of 3Bde HQ staff enjoyed a dining-in night recently. COMD 3Bde BRIG Chris Field presented several awards and promotions at the...


Cameleers’ new skills

THIS year’s expedition to recover the last cache of journals and equipment buried in the dying days of the Burke and Wills expedition...


Farewell CO 1RAR

HANDING over to his successor a Battalion that’s fully manned, fully equipped and trained and certified up to company level combined...


2RAR diorama

A DIORAMA of an historic amphibious infantry operation - the WWII landing of the 26th Infantry Bde, 9th Div at Tarakan - now has pride...


Farewell CO 5Avn Regt

SOMETIMES, the most innocuous action tempts fate in ways nobody could have foreseen... just ask OC SRC MAJ Samantha Dennis....


Mental Health Day

MEMBERS from RAAF units and 5Avn Regt at RAAF Base Townsville gathered for a morning tea to mark Mental Health Day last month. DCO,...


Kirwan helps Mates

KIRWAN State School commemorated Remembrance Day with a ceremony and gold coin donation uniform-free dress day...


Remembrance Day

HUNDREDS of people listened in respectful silence as RSL president Bill Whitburn delivered the Remembrance Day address at Anzac Park...


New futuristic weapon

A NEW lightweight grenade launcher trialled for three months in 1RAR’s heavy weapons platoon was rolled out to the rest of the 3rd...


Farewell RSM 3Bde

MEMBERS of the 3rd Brigade paused momentarily last week to farewell RSM WO1 David Lehr and welcome his replacement, WO1 Brent...


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THE North Queensland District of the Returned and Services League commemorated 100 years of service at a Centenary Dinner last...


White Ribbon – 3CER

WHILE the most senior members of the Australian Defence Force gathered in Canberra to mark White Ribbon Day, members of 3CER...


Connect to protect

THERE are times when former 1RAR CSM Wal Davis must feel as though he has put a freight train in motion and he is clinging to the...


Veterans’ hub

TOWNSVILLE could soon boast a one-stop support shop in the real world, and the virtual world, for local veterans and ex-service men and...


City Desk

HIGH humidity and the smell of mangoes ripening on trees are sure signs that Christmas is on the way. This year we celebrated...


From COMD’s Desk

IF one word sums up 2016 it would be “dedication”. We have a great team aligned with the values we live and work by: Courage,...


Blood drive

COMD 3Bde BRIG Chris Field led a blood donation drive at HQ 3Bde last month. Pictured donating blood at the Australian Red Cross Blood...


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