Win big with Digger Dollars

WIN wads of cash money in the new Digger Dollars online competition in NSCnews Online.
It’s just like the much-loved Digger Dollars that used to be such an iconic part of the Northern
Services Courier… but this competition can be won by anybody who is a member of NSCnews
Online, whether they are in uniform or not.
The basic Digger Dollars jackpot will be $750 per month, but there will be “extras” added to the
pot each month… it could be a few dollars, it could be much, much more. Regardless, it will
increase by AT LEAST $750 each month in which it is not claimed.


EACH month a Members’ only draw will be conducted and three names drawn out.
Members will get one ticket in the draw for each month in which they have been a member
so the long-standing members will be best-placed to win.
Points – 3, 2, 1 – will be allocated to the Members drawn (you can have many tickets in the draw,
but you can only be drawn once each month).
Members will receive an email notifying them of their success in the draw and how many points
they have been allocated. When they have six points, they can claim the Digger Dollars jackpot.
As soon as the jackpot is claimed, all points will revert to zero and the competition will begin again.


JOIN now to maximimse your chances in the New Year. It’s just $2 each month automatically
deducted from your Paypal account (or credit card if you’re not a Paypal person).
Membership brings plenty of other benefits as well – read more here.