CLICK on the image to open the MVP version of the  software. It is a work in progress and, at this stage, is able to simulate the player’s experience with a few of the niceties missing… such as context sensitive help and explanatory screens.
It is, at this stage, also suitable only for computers with a keyboard (since we haven’t yet migrated some of the UI functions from the keyboard to the screen).
It needs polish… the UI, particularly, needs work, but the MVP gives a peek at the concept. The game will open in a new window, and you can refer back to the notes below to help you operate.

How to Track The Ball

USE the Sign On option to create an account, then login. We know of a (fairly amusing) bug with the Safari browser, so if you’re a Safari user, please just login using as the Username and Safari as the password.
Once it loads, there are three choices – REPLAY, TRACK THE BALL, and SUBMIT. Again, reasonably self-explanatory. Watch the replay as many times as you like (the shadow of the ball is a good hint… I am in two minds about whether or not  to take that out…). Make a few mental notes about landmarks and so on, then, when you’re ready, hit TRACK THE BALL.
When the screen loads, you will get the 125 dots representing the 125 waypoints in a line across the screen.
Best way to tackle it is to draw the path you think the ball has taken. To do that, Hit “D” on the keyboard (case does not matter). This puts it in “draw mode”. There will be a red border around the pic, “DRAW MODE” at the top and the cursor will be a pencil.
In one movement, draw the path. You can redraw if later if you don’t like it, or draw parts of it again. When you have drawn the path, hit “D” again and the dots will cuddle the line.
You can move the dots around to make minor adjustments, redraw the entire line, or “lock” some of the dots and redraw only part of the line.
  • To select a single dot – click on it.
  • Deselect by clicking on the screen away from the line.
  • Clicking on a second dot will select the portion of the line between the two dots you have selected. The dots will turn red and will move as a single unit.
  • Again, to deselect, just click on the screen away from the line.
  • To lock dots, or part of the line into place, select them, and press SPACE. The selected dots will turn blue and won’t move. You can unlock them by selecting the dots again and pressing SPACE again.
  • If you want to reshape the path of the dots on part of the line, best way is to draw the new path between two locked dots. Lock the dots at either end of the bit you want to redraw, hit “D”, draw (making sure you touch or almost touch each of the dots at the ends of the newly drawn bit). Hit “D” again and the dots will shape to the new line.

When you’re happy with it, press SUBMIT and you will get an answer back straight away.