Meg Campbell (left) and Claire Marrinon

Townsville Legacy Club

Let’s do lunch

(from left) Melaila Edwards, Jan Batze, Valda Vikuckis and June McNally

CHARTERS TOWERS CONTINGENT…(from left) Norma Moylan, Shirley Mark, Shirley Nicol, Lyn Blackburn, Mavis Truscott, Max Manly, Elsie Mackereth, Cath Mitchill, Wendy Thompson, Jeanette Prichard, Karen Stephens and Patricia Ives

(from left) Denise Durnford, CEO Townsville Legacy Club Nicole Hayes and Carole Currey

HELLO BOYS… (from left) Lynette Hennan, GNR Morgan Findlay 4Regt RAA, Gladys Chilton and GNR Blake Latimer 4 Regt RAA

Legatees Colin Bamblet (left) and Peter McDougall

Margaret Standfast (left) and Doreen Power

(from left) Mavis Brooks, Carolyn Pinch and GNR Rui Nakatani 4Regt RAA

 (from left) Estelle Boyd, Glad Sherry and Barbara Williams

Lorna Docherty (left) and June Hunter

Gloria Edwards (left) and Helen Moloney