RAR Association Annual Dinner


Peter (Jack) and Nancy Trease (left) and  Murray and Vivienne Withers

Annette Staehr and Rod McLeod

Andrew and Carol Emery

CPL Renae Johnson 5Avn Regt and CPL Ben Warner CTC

MAJ Ed Cousins 3RAR (left) and RSM 3RAR WO1 Brad and Ingrid Doyle

WO2 Clive and Erica Keam

Jenny and Graham Nesbitt

Jackie Hasling and Dan Bamblett

OLD FRIENDS…. (from left) Ken Hall, Col Bamblett, Les Mitchell and Allan Braby

Jackie Stewart (left), Coralee O’Rourke and Mikaila Lythgo

Jessica Niven and LT Nick Maguire 1RAR

COMD 3Bde BRIG Chris Field, (left), Sarah Kendall, Amanda and Aaron Harper

RSM 1RAR WO1 Michael and Kathy Reyne (left) and CO 3RAR LTCOL Giles Cornelia and Heidi Beruter

Bob and Anka Dabinett

CHAP Gary Pope 1RAR (left), LT Rebecca Griffith 1RAR and Simon Thompson

RIGHT: CAPT Charles Dickens 3RAR (left), Amy Alldis and LT Ian Best HQ 3Bde

Joy Bentzen and David Lowe