Seppy learns new skills

… and dreams big

LCPL Septimus Quintus 1RAR earned his crossed rifles badge last month… but not in the conventional way.
The coveted badge, usually awarded to only the best marksmen in the Army, was given to Seppy’s handler PTE Tyler Hine to sew onto the mascot’s “dress” uniform, the blue 1RAR coat he wears on parade.
CO 1RAR LTCOL Ben McLennan, already has an eye on the important role Seppy will play on parade next year when the Battalion marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Coral.
LTCOL McLennan challenged Seppy to improve his skills and sent him away on a special course to do that.
And the results impressed the whole Battalion when Seppy, on command from PTE Hine, demonstrated a classical war-horse manoeuvre, the Pesade.
To perform it correctly, Seppy must stand on his hind legs with his forelegs in the air ready to strike at the enemy.
To earn his crossed rifles badge, Seppy


was asked to perform the manoeuvre twice in front of the whole Battalion during a sports parade.
Show-off that he is, Seppy trotted out his new trick three times in rapid succession.
LTCOL McLennan has raised the bar again, asking PTE Hine to take Seppy on another course, this time to teach him some movements that might complement the Battalion’s slow

march, perhaps a few steps of Passage, or an elevated, extended walk.
If he can convince the CO to come up with another reward like the Skill at Arms crossed rifles badge, Seppy might be well on the way to being the most expertly skilled member of the Battalion.