PTE Good 3CSSB winning the women’s 3000m

CPL Grace Newdick 1RAR  completes the 100m and 200m double ahead of PTE lowe 10FSB and PTE Amber 3CSR



WITH a Commanding Officer who is herself no slouch on the running track, the determined 3CSSB athletes proved too strong for the rest of 3rd Brigade.
It was a powerhouse display spearheaded by the female members of the unit.
The 3CSSB women finished with 105pts, a whopping 29pts clear of second-placed 2Cav Regt on the female champion unit scoreboard.
And the men backed them up, finishing with 81pts, one point shy of Brigade winners 3RAR.
The men’s champion unit, however, was 10FSB who romped home with 95pts. The unit’s authority in the womens events was established early on with wins in the 3000m (PTE Good), shot put (CAPT Adams), 800m (PTE Todd), 400m (LT Wilson) and javelin (CAPT Adams).

LT Blake-Waller finishes third in the women’s 3000m event

The effort is etched on the face of SPR Lee as he wins the mens 5000m event

CAPT Simon O’Regan 2CHC finishes third in the men’s 5000m event

LCPL Danni Jamieson finished second in the women’s 3000m

PTE Mallon – 2nd in the men’s 5000m

But they also picked up points with placings in the discus (CPL Hazeldine 2nd), 1500m (PTE Nugent, 2nd, CO LTCOL Gabrielle Follett 3rd), and in the 100m (LT Wilson 2nd). The men won the long jump (SGT Stephens) and the 1500m race (CFN O’Callaghan) and were on the podium in the high jump (PTE Foley 3rd), 800m (PTE Wright 2nd), triple jump (SGT Stephens 2nd), javelin (CPL Bromet 2nd) and in the 100m race (PTE Harmen 3rd).
Versatile athlete SIG Tye 3CSR won the champion male athlete with a win in the triple jump and second placings in the long jump and the 200m race.
PTE Quinn 4Regt RAA was the champion female athlete.
But what would have pleased CO 3CSSB LTCOL Follett most was that the unit’s success was a real team effort.
More 3CSSB athletes in the mens and womens events chipped in to add to the points tally than any other unit.
There were 10 women who contributed – CAPT Adams, LT Wilson, PTE Good, PTE Todd, CPL Hazeldine, PTE Nugent, LTCOL Follett, PTE McGill, PTE Rhodes and PTE Tamway – and 11 male athletes who added to the unit’s tally – SGT Stephens, CFN O’Callaghan, PTE Wright, CPL Bromet, PTE Foley, PTE Harmen, LT Oswald, CFN Plumb, PTE Overton, CPL Murphy and PTE Blair.
DCOMD 3Bde LTCOL James Smith presented the champion unit trophy to LTCOL Follett and RSM 3CSSB WO1 Jo Downes.

Chain of Command relay

Women’s 4x100m Relay

Action in the mens high jump

Champion Male Athlete SIG Tye 3CSR and Champion Female Athlete PTE Quinn 4Regt RAA

RSM 3CSSB WO1 Jo Downes and Taddy after his test run on the track

DCOMD 3Bde LTCOL James Smith presents the trophy to LTCOL Follett and RSM 3CSSB WO1 Jo Downes (right)